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AIS Keeper and Locker

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AIS - Is AMS's automated inventory control system.  Listed below are some keypoints:

-          AIS is automated inventory controls – it controls inventory automatically and controls loss which leads to cost savings

-          It can track who takes what, where and when.  The person, time and date. 

-          You can set limits to and parameters to control what vends – limits to how much a person can take in a day or a month.  You can have varying levels of employees.   Limit who can get what product

-          You can get email updates on inventory to know if you are getting low

-          AIS process is fairly simple plan – you buy the equipment and you do with it what you will – there are no monthly fees or web fees.  You are allowed to input any and all data into the system of what you want to track. 

-          Inventory is not a cloud based system – it is computer and daughter board

-          You do not need the internet to operate, unless you want to update remotely and get emails. 

-          You have the options for coil type vending machines and Clearview lockers

-          All machines have a magswipe reader and keypad control

You have options to upgrade to barcode scanners and RFID readers

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