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Accepting credit cards in your vendor should not be considered complicated or difficult to accomplish. Basically you are going to install some electronics in your existing vendor that will allow your customers to swipe credit cards, wave fast pay cards, and still accept good old American money. First you will install a new card swiping bezel (you know, the black plastic thing on the front of the bill acceptor you put your money into) in place of your existing one on any MEI VN2000 series bill acceptor. Second, through cabling supplied with the kit you will install a communication box and antenna that will take these credit card transactions and transmit them to the nearest cell phone tower. Third, you will be supplied with all the information to set up your Merchant Service account and get the money from all these credit cards flowing into your bank account. 


Lets start with the basics, picking your credit card reader bezel. This bezel fits on the front of any MEI VN2000 series and allows a customer to swipe his credit card and still accept currency.       

First, we will assume that most of you have an existing VN-2000 series bill acceptor and just need the credit card bezel.

There are 4 different Combo bezels available with usage determined by whether it is a snack or soda vendor.

Snack vendors use:

Front Swipe bezel             Part# 250064165    accepts credit cards and currency


4 in 1 Bezel w/setback:     Part# 250005353    accepts credit cards, fast pay, and currency


“fast pay” is like a key fob that you wave at a card reader instead of swiping it like a normal credit card.

The “setback” on the 4 in 1 bezel mounts the validator further back from the mounting plate to allow it to clear digital displays common to snack vendors


Soda vendors use:

Side Swipe bezel               Part# 250066142


4 in 1 bezel w/o setback    Part# 250003354       


Now that you have the correct bezel you will need to order:


DataPort w/WAN    Kit# 216686001


This is the brains of the outfit and will include everything else you will need to get your vendor ready to accept credit cards. Harnesses, antenna, and electronics with clear instructions for installation. Once installed your vendor is now ready to take credit cards and communicate all transactions to a local cell phone tower.


The last step will involve signing up for your Merchant Service account to activate your credit card reader. Hint: This should more likely be done when you order your equipment!


Upon ordering your equipment you will be provided with all forms and information to set up credit card Merchant Services. A Merchant Service company handles all credit card transactions such as depositing money into your account and withdrawl of any associated fees. Normal fees are around $10 a month per vendor with 5% deducted from each transaction.


Wachtor Electronics is factory trained and authorized for full support and sales of this and all MEI products. Please call us with any questions you may have.

Combo Bezel

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For pricing questions on large quantity orders and inquiries please contact Wachtor Electronics at 801-485-2289 or email saltlakecity@wachtor.com