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Vending Conversions
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The Greenwick board for AP (Automated Products) vendors is universal for all 4000, 5000, 6000, and 7000 series vendors. A lot of components are being obsoleted for the repair of these boards. Repair prices are getting up to around 140.00. By having one of these boards just as a spare makes a lot of sense because it is not only brand new but they can put it in any of their AP vendors. It's a lot easier to carry this one board in a repair truck than having 1 each of all the OEM boards required for a service call.

Any customer wanting to take a 5.00 bill absolutely has to think about how they are going to give enough change back. The existing 3 tube coin mech (TRC-6000 type) they are now using stores only one tube each of quarters, nickels, and dimes. There just is not enough change capacity in a 3 tube changer to supply change for a five for very long without the vending company manually refilling the coin tubes all the time.

If they upgrade now with a Greenwick board they are then capable of converting to MDB interface and can use a 5 tube changer such as the MEI 7512 and in the near future the new recycler bill acceptor.  Without a doubt they have to go with a MEI 7512 5 tube changer that either has 3 quarter tubes with 1 each of nickel and dime or have dollar tubes and stock dollar coins for change dispense.  By getting a new MEI validator they will also have the choice down the road of adding a recycler to it and possibly a credit card reader.

Sure it looks like a lot of money to get a new Greenwick board, 7512 coin mech and VN2000 series validator, about 900 bucks or so, but their other choice is to junk the vendor and buy a new one for 4000 bucks or more. If their now upgraded vendor dies down the road they still have a new bill acceptor and coin mech to put into something else, and the Greenwick board they can use as a spare for other repairs. The money spent is not wasted.

Vending companies  have to be made aware that this will add real value to their used vendors .  Higher vending prices result in a need for greater capacity in change making.  The Greenwick board is the solution.



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