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New CPI Products

CPI and Wachtor are excited about the release of the new CPI Talos, Gryphon and Synq products.  The most innovative technology in cash payment system acceptance and diagnostics are here now. 

The Talos bill acceptor utilizes the latest light bar technology in cash acceptance and discrimination against fraud.  It's hard to believe anyone could improve on the VN2000, but CPI has done it with faster acceptance, USB upgrades, better bill recognition and the guaranteed reliability everyone has come to expect from CPI as the industry leader in innovations. 

CPI took the reliable acceptance and coin sensing technology of the CF7512 and combined it will the bulletproof dispense assembly of the C2 to make a six tube hybrid known as the Gryphon.  With a six tube custom configurable cassette, USB upgrades and the reliability in acceptance we have come to expect, the CPI Gryphon will easily take the torch as the best coin mech ever made. 

CPI has introduced their new product Synq along with the Simplifi App.  This is an inline, plug and play MDB upgrade that interfaces with Talos and Gryphon.  Sync uses Bluetooth technology and a downloadable app to help any operator diagnose issues with their coin mech or validator onsite.  Here's why it's cool - the app Simplifi will communicate with Synq via Bluetooth when in range of the machine.  The phone app will tell the status of the coin mech and validator without even opening the door.  Through Simplifi the operator can see if the bill box is full, if the coin mech is low on coin or if any product is reporting an error codes like a jammed dispense.  Even better, Simplifi has a data base of trouble shooting videos to show a tech in the field what actions to take to correct the error code.  It's basically a YouTube service library, made by CPI, on your phone for in field repair.  Now you get what would take years of technical experience and hands on training delivered in the palm of your hand for a one time hardware purchase...no monthly fee.  Synq brings power to your business by saving on service calls, troubleshooting and down time.  Did I mention you can cycle the power to the mech and validator without even opening the door.  One more hot piece of information is Synq's Bluetooth technology is supplied by Payrange...meaning Payrange technology is built in and should be an active option by the end of 2019. 

Pre-Order today and get in line on the new product releasing April 2019. 

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CPI Talos Bill Validator Specs

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CPI Gryphon Coin Mechanism Specs

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CPI Synq

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