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New Five Update

5 Dollar update:




The new five-dollar bill was released on Thursday, March 13th. 

As an authorized service center for MEI, we are able to update your bill validators for the new five. 


MEI (mars) series VN 24XX and VN25XX bill acceptors manufactured after the 40th week of 1999 can be upgraded for the new currency.  The first three digits of the serial number determine the week and year of manufacture.  The first two are the week and the third digit is the year.   IF THE FOURTH DIGIT OF THE SERIAL NUMBER IS AN “8” IT IS UPGRADEABLE.  If not sure…. Call us!


All AE26XX and AE28XX are upgradeable


All series 3000 bill acceptors must be sent in for upgrading.


Software upgrades for the new currency can be done at either of our locations, or if you have multiple bill acceptors it may be wise to purchase or RENT a download box from us for onsite upgrading.  Please call for details.

Salt Lake City, UT – 1-800-949-8019

Kent, WA – 1-800-949-8021


We are also able to update your Coinco BA30/50 and MAG30/50 validators as well as your Bill Pro series validator.  Some of these units only require a software download, others will require a new e-prom and a software download, and some will require a new control board all together.  All Coincos need to be sent to our Salt Lake City location for upgrade.  Call 1-800-949-8019 if you have any questions. 

The Rowe BC-1200 and BC-1400 bill changers require a chip upgrade to the control board.  The upgrade can be installed by the customer.  The software comes on a piggyback board that is different than the existing piggyback board.  This upgrade costs 66 dollars.  Please get your orders in now. 

Conlux NBM must be shipped into Wachtor Electronics for upgrades. 


Pyramid has released the new five software on their website.  It can be downloaded to your laptop or palm pilot and transferred to your validator. 


Ardac:  DBA-3, DBA-5, and DBA-7 validators MUST be sent to the factory for upgrades.  No customer upgrades are available.  Please call 440-205-8400. 


Please inquire about our conversion kits to update your old equipment to take the new currency. 


For pricing questions on large quantity orders and inquiries please contact Wachtor Electronics at 801-485-2289 or email saltlakecity@wachtor.com